FETO leader issues media ban on followers
Fetullah Gulen has ordered the followers of his terror organization not to follow media coverage of his crumbling clandestine operation.

In a video posted Aug, 28 and carried on social media channels, the leader of the secretive Fetullah Terrorist Organization (FETO) held responsible for a recent coup attempt in Turkey, calls on his "sheep” to avoid watching or reading news.

"Stay away from the ignorant,” Gulen said. "If you turn to them and listen to them and try to read about them, the very disturbing things that are coming from them will hit you,” he adds in apparent dread that media truths can accelerate the disintegration of the terror group.

Gulen goes further to brush off the "gossip" of accusations and exposes in Turkish media about FETO as the mastermind of the overthrow attempt.

"If you busy yourselves with such gossip, your world of thought and contemplation will be preoccupied with them,” he said.

Gulen, who has been living in self-imposed exile in the U.S. since 1999 and posts weekly videos for his followers, said only one or two members could be assigned to follow the news coverage. His suggestions are usually considered as orders by his followers.

"If possible, one of two individuals could be employed in following the gossip. They can follow it. Let the sheep not be surrendered to the grasp of the wolves. Let their pure minds not be polluted with their whimsical thoughts," he adds.

For decades, FETO members have eased their way into Turkish state institutions across the board, disguised as ordinary members of society, before exposing themselves in two potentially deadly blows to the government and the state, according to Turkish authorities.

FETO attempted to overthrow the government in December 2013 by utilizing operatives in strategic judicial positions in the form of a large-scale corruption probe that targeted Cabinet members.

Then a putsch attempt July 15 mounted by the group's members within the military led to the martyrdom of at least 240 people and injured nearly 2,200.

In the ensuing operation to rid public institutions of FETO members, 80,000 civil servants have been suspended with more than 5,000 dismissed, Prime Minister Binali Yildirim said last month.

Nearly 20,000 suspects have been remanded in custody, including police officers, soldiers, judiciary members, local administrators and civilians, he added.

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