Winter prepping
In the old times the month November was known to be the month for winter preparations.
Those were the days where people had to do everything by themselves, such as setting the stove back in the house and lighting it, taking the ashes out and cutting the wood for the stove. All these efforts had to be made individually at every house. This has probably still going on in small places, although now almost everything is industrially ready so even in some small villages people use electric heating systems. Some people took it very seriously. Stocking food and coal, revising all heating system, these preppers gave me the feeling that people were in love with the idea of having an extreme winter. Nowadays changing from summer to winter mood is a few-minutes job where you only have to put a coat on, turn the heating on and buy instant soup from the super market.

With the exception of vehicles, everything is now easier. Putting winter tires on was not an issue for me for most of my life in İzmir where we didn't have a real winter. Then I moved to İstanbul and touched snow and ice.

There has recently been a change in Regulations With Respect To Motorized And Non-Motorized Vehicles. With the new regulation published on 8 November 2012 in the Official Gazette by the Ministry of Transportation, which will be effective as of 12 December, several changes have been made regarding motor vehicles and non-motorized vehicles. As well as some technical points, issues regarding daily life traffic are also covered within the scope of the new regulation.

For instance, certain dimensions, weights and heights are determined for different kinds of loaded or unloaded on road vehicles. A such, the maximum height of the vehicles shall not be more than 4,00 meters and the maximum height length of motorized vehicles, excluding buses, shall not be more than 12,00 meters.

With this new regulation, the method of loading vehicles has also been considered as well. Vehicles shall not be overloaded with passengers over their passenger transportation capacity. Moreover, vehicles have their own transportation capacity issued on their motor vehicles registration certificate. Thus, vehicle owners shall comply with the capacity written on that certificate and shall not over load the vehicle over its transportation capacity. Moreover, vehicles shall not be loaded in a way that endangers safety of others. If dangerous or poisons materials and oversized or overweighed goods will be transported, applicable permits shall be obtained from relevant authorities. Besides, vehicles cannot be loaded in a way that the loads may fall, leak, spill over, drain, slip or clash. Also, loads shall not limit driver's vision and put traffic safety in danger; registration plates, side turn lights or stop lights must be uncovered and visible by others.

A fine will be imposed to commercial vehicles without winter tires

The most across the board part of the regulation is with respect to winter tires. Hence, vehicles that are used for passenger and goods transportation shall mount a winter tire between December 1st and April 1st of every year. This duration may be extended 1 more month if required by the ministry. Compliance with this obligation will be inspected by ministry personnel, general directorate of security, gendarmerie general command, inspection units of municipalities, and ministry of customs and trade's units at the borders. In case of non-compliance, administrative fines will be applied and passengers on board will be evacuated at the closest dwelling unit at vehicle operator's expense and responsibility.

With this regulation standards have been brought closer to developed countries', but at the same time more burden has been placed on vehicle owners.

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