Turkey-Somalia military agreement approved
The enforcement of an agreement between Turkey and Somalia on training, technical and scientific cooperation in the military began on Wednesday, the Official Gazette has announced.

The deal, officially titled "Agreement between the Government of the Republic of Turkey and the Government of the Republic of Somalia on Military Training Cooperation," was signed on May 22, 2010, in Ankara to establish cooperation mechanisms in the field of military training.

The announcement states that based on the agreement, both sides will cooperate in the following military training and education areas: Training provided by the Military Medical Academy and Mapping General Command, training at schools affiliated to forces (military high schools, the military academy, military medical schools, NCO vocational colleges and branch schools), training and education between gendarmerie and coast guard, pre-occupational training and task-related courses and training centers and on-the-job training at units, headquarters and institutions.

The agreement outlines ways of boosting cooperation on military logistic, peace support and humanitarian relief and counter-piracy. The agreement also notes that mutual exchange of information can be possible between the parties on military history, museology and publications.

Other designated areas of cooperation in the agreement include exchange of delegations and personnel and assignment of personnel for language courses, visiting harbors and docks, invitation to military exercises as observers, participation in joint exercises, organizing specialization courses on underwater attacks for underwater officer/NCO and first class seamen.

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