Street protests and intelligence
Is the intelligence agency responsible for the protests in Okmeydanı?

I cannot be sure that the agency is behind these protests. But no one can ever be certain that it is not responsible for these incidents either. Reports indicate that there are three major groups involved in the protests: the terrorist Revolutionary People's Liberation Party/Front (DHKP/C), the Revolutionary Youth (Dev-Genç) and the Patriotic Revolutionary Youth Movement (YDGH).

Let's start with the YDGH. The YDGH is the generic title and youth organization of the Kurdistan Communities Union (KCK). Let us recall that when the İstanbul police carried out operations against the KCK, the National Intelligence Organization (MİT) raised its voice, arguing that its agents were being exposed. When KCK figures burned Serap Eser to death, it became evident that MİT was informed about this. In response to criticisms on this matter, leading Justice and Development Party (AKP) figures made a statement, noting that it was MİT's mission to infiltrate the KCK and if MİT had secured some crucial positions within the PKK, this should be commended.

MİT supporters in the media bragged about how they controlled the KCK. The YDGH is an affiliate of the KCK, which MİT has infiltrated. If this was the case -- which should be viewed as a fact given that MİT supporters in the media are proud of it -- it is impossible to believe that MİT is unaware of what is happening and what the YDGH has been doing. I should note that the protesters in 2011 and 2012 were MİT informants who had infiltrated the KCK. It is therefore likely that the YDGH figures who were involved in the protests and demonstrations in Okmeydanı are also MİT informants.

Let me further note that the YDGH had assumed responsibility for throwing Molotov cocktails and setting fire to the protest site. We should note that Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdoğan has strongly criticized these activities. Now I ask how influential MİT is over the YDGH given that it has infiltrated the KCK. Please do not tell me they are unaware of the incidents and protesters.

Let's move on to the DHKP/C. The DHKP/C is one of the organizations that intelligence units tightly control. Intelligence units are so aware of the DHKP/C that they were able to receive intelligence about a decision made in Greece and apprehend DHKP/C militants on a boat who were traveling to Turkey for terrorist activities.

The following cases are interesting as they demonstrate that the intelligence unit keeps the DHKP/C under close surveillance.

In 2008, DHKP/C leaders worked on an assassination plot to kill Erdoğan; this was a fairly confidential meeting. The assault would have been carried out via helicopter. The intelligence agency even managed to receive information about this extremely confidential plan and arrested Asuman Akça, who was supposed to have carried out the attack, and her partner. Akça was then murdered by the DHKP/C.

The question now is: Is it possible to believe that the intelligence agency, which had prior information on an assassination plan against Erdoğan which only a few people knew about, did not have any information on the DHKP/C's activities in Okmeydanı?

A second case involves a light anti-tank weapon (LAW) attack on the AKP headquarters after the Gezi incidents. The LAW attack was truly hilarious. A LAW is a fairly strong weapon. It normally causes significant damage to a building; however, nothing happened to the AKP's headquarters in the attack.

According to allegations discussed in security circles, one of those who carried out the attack was a militant who was recruited by the intelligence agency and the LAW used in the attack was significantly modified so that it would not cause any damage. The allegations suggest that the phony attack was staged on the AKP's headquarters to consolidate the AKP's support base.

This is also the case with Dev-Genç. These examples are sufficient to show us that the intelligence agency is aware of every detail discussed in illegal organizations.

There are also rumors suggesting that the protesters in Okmeydanı who were wearing masks were security officers. However, I find this allegation fairly unconvincing because there is no need for such an action. Intelligence units are able to mobilize illegal organizations to stage an attack; the YDGH in particular is suitable for this.

In this case, I should ask again this question: Where do the intelligence units stand in the Okmeydanı incidents? Was it in the know about the incidents or not? You decide.

EMRE USLU (Cihan/Today's Zaman) CİHAN
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