Smarter cities in Turkey crucial for sustainable growth
Massive migration to Turkey's urban areas has made smart-city technologies, which offer tools that allow city officials to analyze data for better decision-making, to anticipate problems and resolve them proactively, and to effectively apply resources, increasingly important as the country looks to maintain sustainable economic, cultural and social development.

"Many problems in cities emerge with the increasing urbanization rate in Turkey. Solutions to those problems should be found more rapidly than the problems emerge. Otherwise, decreasing quality of life in cities will be inevitable," Server Tanfer, IBM Turkey technology and sectorial solutions sales manager, said in an Ankara press conference on Wednesday.

Stressing that smart-city technologies aim to integrate government institutions in urban areas, Tanfer said that IBM ensures that institutions can share information with each other in a secure way.

Tanfer also stressed that small-scale pilot projects fall short of meeting Turkey's needs, adding that a number of large-scale, sustainable and effective smart-city projects should be introduced in the near future.

When asked whether smart-city solutions could be implemented in mines -- a catastrophic mining accident in Soma, a district of western Manisa province, claimed 301 lives on May 13 -- IBM Business Development Executive Bülent Ekuklu said that current technology allows the measurement of many things, such as carbon monoxide levels, temperature and humidity, in mines, allowing early response to crises.

IBM, which aims to be a leading company in smart-city tech, has been developing solutions in Turkey since 2008 in cooperation with universities, NGOs, public institutions and the private sector.

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