Sept. 12 report: We should confront coups by punishing those involved
The sub-commission established within the parliamentary Coup and Memorandum Investigation Commission to investigate the Sept. 12, 1980 military coup has completed its report. It is noted in the report that for Turkish society, the Sept. 12 coup represents a time of trauma, the damage of which still lingers in society today.

"To be able to confront the coups d'etat, to mend the traumas the coups brought about, those who are involved in the coups and those who supported them need to be punished. Nobody should be allowed to get off scot-free. Victims should be compensated as much as possible, and legal action should be taken to uncover the scenarios designed to mislead the public," the report said.

The report claims that the Sept. 12 coup turned out to be the most effective, comprehensive coup, with a system-founding quality to it. It also reveals that the sub-commission did not receive any documents from the General Staff, the National Intelligence Organization (MİT), the Prime Ministry's Directorate of Human Rights, the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, the State Personnel Directorate or the Finance Ministry's Financial Crimes Investigation Board (MASAK).

After underlining that those who carried out the coups and supported them need to be punished in order for the country to properly confront the coups, the 479-page draft report says: "The political process that started with the elections following the military coup of May 27, 1960, was, from then on, influenced by and under the control of the military. And this is what is called military tutelage. The coup of Sept. 12 is the work of the military bureaucracy, which used the problems of the process of change [in Turkey] as an opportunity to come into power. We need to understand well the structure of the mindset in Turkish society that fosters military tutelage and, as a natural offshoot of that, the mindset that fosters military coups, which re the greatest obstacle to democracy in Turkey."

The report notes that those who were in favor of a democratic system made efforts towards a democratic system in line with a multi-party political system and the modern world, while those who favored real military tutelage did not see any harm in transforming their tutelary preferences into an attitude favoring military coups as our society made headway in its struggle for democracy. The report also says: "The incidents -- terrorist activities -- that led up to the Sept. 12 military coup took a turn for the worse when provocative incidents were sometimes exaggerated while, at other times, the institutions responsible for preventing such incidents failed -- sometimes on purpose and sometimes because they were not able -- to properly carry out their jobs. In the period leading up to the Sept. 12 coup, the bureaucracies in education, justice, public administration and even the military were heavily polarized while the posts at ministries were shared out among supporters of certain political views."

Describing the bureaucracy put in place in the aftermath of the Sept. 12 coup as a follow-up, in essence, to the bureaucratic structure in place before the coup, the report notes: "The military assigned bureaucrats who were close to them or who the military figured could carry out the military's projects.

"By experience, our society has found that 'free and just' elections are not sufficient for democracy and that should there be a tutelary regime, that regime could continue to exist under the guise of democracy. An overt pro-coup stance, which is a temporary attitude, is nothing but tangible oppressiveness in organized form of a mindset favoring military tutelage. The struggle for democracy, having suffered trauma quite a few times at the hands of the pro-tutelage mindset and oppressive military coups, began again after the coups. This is the story of the Sept. 12 coup, told in brief." (Cihan/Todays Zaman) CİHAN
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