Passengers and crew survive Indian Ocean crash
Aviation authorities in the Comoros Islands say that 29 people survived after their plane crashed into the Indian Ocean minutes after takeoff.

Director General of Civil Aviation in the Comoros, Abu Mohamed Ali, confirmed that all passengers and flight crew on board the Embraer jet survived the crash.

According to reports, the jet suffered mechanical problems, and crashed 200 meters away from Moroni airport where it departed from.

A Comoros military official who was on the plane said that he noticed that the aircraft was leaking fuel upon take-off, and alerted the pilot, who attempted to return to the airport.

However, the pilot could not land on time, and plunged into the sea instead.

The pilot reportedly suffered head injuries, whilst the rest of the passengers and crew, we not hurt or injured.

The aircraft, owned by Inter-Illes, was travelling to the neighbouring Island of Anjouan.

Back in June 2009, a Yemeni Airbus 310-300 crashed into the Indian Ocean off the coast of the Comoros, due to bad weather, king all 152 people on board.
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