Nelson Mandela is hospitalised
South Africa's former president, Nelson mandela was admitted to a military hospital on Saturday. But as Mandela enters his third day of medical testing officials are saying there is "no cause for alarm".

The 94-year old icon's health is said to be good and although officials aren't saying much more about Mendela's hospitalization... he is said to remain in good spirits while undergoing tests... "consistent with his age".

Nelson Mandela is "comfortable" according to the South African government after the former president spent some time in the hospital, for medical tests described as "consistent with his age".

President Jacob Zuma visited the country's 94-year-old first black president on Sunday and said he found him to be comfortable, and in good care.

Zuma's spokesman added that the iconic leader was admitted on Saturday for tests and medical attention consistent with his age. It was the second time the increasingly frail Mandela was hospitalized this year. Back in January 2011, Mandela was also admitted for two nights for an acute respiratory infection. Now officials are making every effort to dispel fears surrounding his health.

The anti-apartheid hero and Nobel Peace Prize laureate was flown from his home village of Qunu in the southeast of the country to a hospital in the capital Pretoria this Saturday.

Security was beefed up at 1 Military Hospital on the outskirts of the capital Pretoria where military police were searching the trunks of cars entering the hospital complex.

News of his hospitalization caught many off guard, including those closest to him and even though he's said to be doing well at this time many are still voicing concerns.

The revered statesman has not appeared in public since South Africa hosted the Football World Cup final in 2010 and has all-but retired from public life, but his stature as one of the world's most famous and loved public figures remains.. and it's obvious that many are concerned. He's very beloved and you know he is 94. CİHAN
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