NATO Commander Says No-Fly Zone with Patriot Missiles 'Impossible'
NATO Allied Land Commander Lt. Gen. Frederick "Ben" Hodges has said it is impossible to use Patriot missiles to establish a no-fly zone or to make offensive attacks against threats, remarks made while a team from NATO is surveying sites in Turkey for the deployment of the missiles.

"Patriot missiles are a defensive system. It is impossible to establish a no-fly zone or attack with them," Hodges said during the presentation of the newly established Allied Land Command headquarters in İzmir.

Turkey formally asked NATO last Wednesday to deploy missile defense elements on its border with Syria to boost its air defense systems as the conflict in its southern neighbor deepens.

Turkey formally made the request after weeks of talks with NATO allies about how to shore up security on its 900-kilometer border. It has repeatedly scrambled fighter jets along the frontier and responded in kind to stray Syrian shells flying into its territory.

Hodges said the North Atlantic Council within NATO has not yet decided on Turkey's request to deploy Patriot missiles and that all 28 members need to vote in favor to give approval. "But, theoretically, I can't see why one NATO member could vote no," he added.

Asked what NATO would do if Turkey is attacked, Hodges said the North Atlantic Council would convene without delay to make its assessments.

A NATO team surveying sites for the possible deployment of Patriot missiles was inspecting military installations the eastern Turkish province of Malatya on Wednesday.

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