Musharaf Says He Does Not Regret Kargil War
Former Pakistan President General Pervez Musharraf on Saturday remained adamant about not regretting the Kargil war, and even claimed that he did not know if Pakistan spy agency ISI was operating terror camps against India. However, he said both India and Pakistan need to change their stance on Kashmir and Siachen.

No stranger to statesmanship, Musharraf harped on both countries displaying the right 'niyat', or intention, a word he uttered 11 times, and better leadership. "Compromise should come from the bigger party. India should have a big heart because it is the bigger country. When the smaller party makes the compromise, it can have negative connotations," he said, suggesting that the latter scenario could be misconstrued as the "bigger party" dominating the smaller one.

"It's doable," he said, talking of resolving Indo-Pak disputes, adding, "There are three essential pre-requisites."

In a new prescription for the two countries that have fought three wars, Musharraf said: "A step-wise progress doesn't work because I may want a different step." Musharraf called Siachen a "minor issue". "We had identified solutions for both Siachen and Kashmir, it's just about fixing a line", he said.

Last Modified: 2012-11-17 14:00:02
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