Mumcu murder suspect: Islamic circles wrongly presented as masterminds of attack
A journalist suspected of involvement in the murder of journalist Uğur Mumcu in 1993 has said a scenario was prepared for Mumcu's assassination that would have laid the blame on Islamic circles and concealed the real masterminds behind the attack.

Journalist Abdülhamit Çelik, who is employed at pro-Islamic publications, is one of 625 defendants in jail on charges of involvement in Mumcu's murder.

Çelik, who was released from jail after five years on trial, told Today's Zaman that suspicions were deliberately aroused about the role of Islamic circles in the Mumcu murder so that the real perpetrators would go unpunished.

Mumcu was killed in a car bombing in front of his house. His murder recently returned to the national agenda because of a book written by Mumcu's wife, Güldal, who is currently both a deputy of the Republican People's Party (CHP) and a deputy parliament speaker. In the book, titled, "İçimden Geçen Zaman" (The Time that Passed Through Me), she explains how her husband's assassination became an unsolved murder.

Çelik, who was to be wed on the day of Mumcu's murder, Jan. 24, 1993, said he was arrested on charges of involvement in the attack despite video recordings and dozens of witnesses who spoke to his character.

He said he was arrested based on the statements of three witnesses who have criminal records and added that many other defendants in the case, like him, confessed to the murder under torture.

The Mumcu murder trial is still in progress.

According to Çelik, even Mumcu's brother Ceyhan did not initially believe his brother had been assassinated by Çelik and the others who were arrested with Çelik, but later some people changed his mind and he began to accuse Çelik of involvement in the murder.

According to Çelik, the three witnesses -- Muzaffer Dağdeviren, Yusuf Karakuş and Fatih Aydın -- who accused Çelik of perpetrating the murder had been arrested on unrelated charges a month and a half before Çelik was.

The journalist said that based on the depositions of these witnesses, the police gave Çelik and his colleagues names, such as the Tawhid-Salam-Jerusalem Army, in order to make them seem like part of a criminal Islamic organization.

"Tawhid was the name of our magazine and Salam was the name of our newspaper. The police added Jerusalem to them. The police established this so-called criminal organization themselves," he said.

Çelik also said he and the other defendants in the Mumcu murder trial were subjected to extreme torture by police during their interrogation.

"During the interrogation, the police told us they did not care about Mumcu -- just closing the Mumcu murder file. They would even curse Mumcu. I was subjected to extreme torture for nine days. They kept the window of the interrogation room open and said they would throw me out the window and then tell everyone I had committed suicide. They pointed a gun at my head. I was held naked for 24 hours," he said.

Çelik also criticized the media for presenting him and the other defendants in the trial as the real masterminds of the murder.

(Cihan/Today's Zaman) CİHAN
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