Mumbai Pays Tribute to 26/11 Victims in Global Peace Meet
The Mumbai city paid tribute to the relatives of the 2008 tragic terror attack. Several people participated in a global peace initiative to pay tribute to those who had died in the brutal attacks, and vowed to continue their fight against militancy. Bollywood actor Vivek Oberoi and Minister of State for Human resource development Shashi Tharoor were among the few to join the event.

Addressing the gathering, Tharoor asserted the event was a peace initiative and not a hatred initiative. "When we remember 26/11, we think about those who were killed, but we should also remember the policemen who fought back bravely, those who gave their lives to defend the city", said Tharoor.

US national, Scherr Kia Dilisek, who lost her husband and daughter in the attacks had also attended the event.


Various mid of Sharshi Tharood and Vivek Oberoi
S/B 1(English): Vivek Oberoi, Bollywood Actor
Mid of the singer Raageswari with school children while singing national anthem
Mid of Shashi Tharoor
S/B 2(English): Shashi Tharoor, Minister of Human Resource Development


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