Method of electing chief ombudsman should be changed, opposition says
As Parliament convened on Tuesday to elect the chief ombudsman, criticism of the method of election came from opposition party members, accusing the ruling party of not seeking a consensus with the opposition on the elections.

They said the election is being carried out under the ruling Justice and Development Party's (AK Party) control.

The Parliamentary Joint Commission, comprising members of the parliamentary petition and human rights commissions, has decided on three nominees -- Yavuz Erkmen, Mehmet Nihat Ömeroğlu and Halime Nuray Turcan -- as its candidates. The chief ombudsman will be elected by Parliament from among these three candidates. However, the election process was still ongoing when Today's Zaman went to print.

Speaking to Today's Zaman on the issue, the parliamentary group deputy chairman of the Nationalist Movement Party (MHP), Oktay Vural, said that only the candidates on the list the AK Party prepared had been chosen and that the AK Party has relied on the fact that it has a majority in Parliament. However, Vural said, a consensus with the opposition parties should have been sought regarding the election process. "It is crystal clear that it has not been an impartial election. It can be seen that only the candidates on the list that was prepared by the AK Party have been chosen. An institution that will be regarded as an independent and impartial body is, sadly, being formed as if it were the AK Party's internal inspection body."

Retired Supreme Court of Appeals prosecutor Ahmet Gündel said establishing an institution that will inspect the state on behalf of the citizens is a historic step. But the method used to elect the head of such an institution was not the correct one, he added. He explained that the application procedure for nominations was not well enough publicized. "The lack of criteria when choosing the three candidates is also unacceptable. This method should be changed immediately," he noted.

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