Mandela banknotes launched into circulation
The South African Reserve Bank says that the first Nelson Mandela banknotes have been introduced into circulation.

The notes, in denominations of 10, 20, 50, 100 and 200 Rand's will carry the face of the former anti-apartheid struggle hero and world icon, whilst maintaining the traditional big five animal portraits on the reverse side of the note.

Reserve Bank Governor, Gil Marcus, was the first South African to use the new banknotes, as she purchased items worth ZAR 160 at a local store.

According to the Governor, the 94 year old former President was delighted with the new notes along with the design.

"He is delighted, very excited about it. We did show him the designs, the drafts and everything else," said Governor Marcus.

The notes were made available at Banks and ATM machines across the country on Tuesday, and will be the same size as the countries old notes, with both remaining as legal tender.

In addition to the new design and look, the Governor noted that the notes have upgraded security features, which the Reserve Bank usually updates every seven or so years.

Some of the highlighted security features include the new watermarks, micro-printing, unique numbering, along with the raised printing, to aid the visually impaired.

The country's central bank says that banknotes to the value of around ZAR 100 billion is currently being circulated in the South African economy.
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