Man Assaults Air Hostess on Mumbai-Delhi Indigo Flight
An unruly passenger aboard an Indigo flight from Mumbai to Delhi suddenly turned violent and assaulted an airhostess in the aircraft. The man, who has been identified as Mohammed Muslim Sheikh, was later handed over to security officials after the plane landed at the IGI airport in New Delhi.

Mohini Ganju, who witnessed the incident closely, said that a man clad in Kurta-Salwar with a long beard was behaving abnormally in the plane. He was troubling the passengers sitting beside him and his anger reached at a peak as the airhostess was asked to intervene into the matter, the eyewitness added.

Ganju further told reporters that furious Sheikh rushed behind the airhostess and slapped her. As soon as the other passengers realized he was abnormal, people tied his hands. Even after being tied, Ganju said, Sheikh kept on shouting in an abnormal way.

Last Modified: 2012-11-08 14:00:08
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