Hakkari school principal withdraws resignation after student protest
The principal of a school that was attacked several times by the terrorist Kurdistan Worker's Party (PKK) in the southeastern province of Hakkari changed his mind about resigning from his post after students held a sit-in protest on Wednesday to convince him to stay on.

Ubeyt Duman, the principal of Atatürk High School in the Yüksekova district of Hakkari, had announced his plans to resign following the latest PKK attack on the school.

To change his mind, students from the school held a sit-in protest in the school's garden, chanting, "We want to receive an education" and "Our principal should stay." The students later left the garden and held a rally outside the school to protest the recent attacks.

One of the students, Esma Kurt, said the windows of the high school were broken and that there was no power in the school building due to the PKK attacks.

"We can only have classes for five hours," she said, adding that they wanted to receive a proper education so as not to fall behind other students whose schools had not been attacked.

The principal, who was informed about the student protest, requested that they end their protest and promised to stay on. Duman, speaking to the press, pointed out that the school's management did not want any students to be harmed by any future PKK attacks. "I decided to resign to protest the terrorist attacks on the school. We cannot educate students under these circumstances," he said. Duman further noted that he had changed his mind about resigning as the teachers of the school have been trying hard to give their students a proper education and the students were eager to learn.

PKK attacks on schools in the eastern provinces with Molotov cocktails have recently increased, with more than 20 schools targeted by the terrorist organization. The PKK has consistently said that it views educational institutions as an instrument of assimilation and that damaging schools advances its demand for education in Kurdish in the predominantly Kurdish provinces.

(Cihan/Today's Zaman) CİHAN
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