Gülen calls on Muslims to pray for, send aid to Gaza
Turkish Islamic scholar Fethullah Gülen has expressed his deep sorrow over the killings of civilians, mostly women and children, as a result of attacks on Gaza by Israel and called on Muslims to pray for the well-being of their brothers and sisters in Palestine and send them aid to help heal their wounds.

Gülen was responding to questions by friends as to what could be done to help Gazans in the face of deadly Israeli attacks and a recording of his speech was broadcast on herkul.org on Wednesday.

Gülen said the problems in Palestine can only be solved thanks to the help of God, and this requires the Muslim world to pray much for their brothers and sisters in that country. "Our friends [Muslims] should wake up at night and perform prayers. They should prostrate and pray. The prayers should be sincere," the scholar stated.

More than 100 people were killed and roughly 700 others wounded in the recent Israeli attacks on Gaza, which lasted slightly over a week. Israel and Hamas reached a cease-fire agreement on Wednesday to end the attacks.

In the meantime, Turkish charities rolled up their sleeves to work at collecting and sending aid to those in need in Gaza. Kimse Yok Mu was the first such association to send humanitarian aid to the Gaza Strip. The aid mostly took the form of food and clothing. Officials from Kimse Yok Mu said they have never stopped the flow of humanitarian aid to the Palestinians.

In addition, the Cansuyu Aid and Solidarity Association recently sent 30 trucks filled with food, clothing and medical equipment to Gaza. Officials from the association said they had a budget of TL 750,000 to send aid to the Gazans. The Humanitarian Aid Foundation (İHH) also announced that it has sent drugs and medical equipment worth $40,000 to Gaza.

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