Fatal Flood-Hit Haiti, after Hurricane Sandy
According to the government of Haiti, due to rains on Thursday and Friday in the northern city of Cap-Haitian, Haiti's second largest city,11 people died and many others lost their houses. It is reported that all but one of the 11 dead were either children or teenagers and one person is reported missing. Inhabitants of Cap Haitian, were caught by surprise by unexpected heavy rains late last week.

Haiti's Civil Protection Office says that the heavy rain, caused flooding in the entire northern region, has left 2,300 homes devastated and that more than 3,400 people have been housed in emergency shelters. A Haitian woman, Yvonne Clesias, says "My house was flooded. It collapsed. I was hosted by a friend of mine, but his place was flooded too."

These new floods came in the wake of Hurricane Sandy, which left 54 people died and damaged 70 percent of the crops along the southern coast two weeks ago.

On Monday schools started to be reopen together with the main public services, but agriculture was very severely effected.

The United Nations says that 15 percent of Haitians are suffering from famine as a result of tropical storm Isaac, Hurricane Sandy and these latest floods.


Flooded street with bicycle driving
Bicycle driving through water
Man using a bucket to empty water from flooded school
Exterior of flooded school
People standing on the balcony of Lycee Antenord Firmin School
Displaced people inside school
Girl studying on a school bench
Displaced people sitting on classroom floor
Displaced people sitting on the floor
Interview with Yvonne Clesias

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