DRC rebels close in on eastern city of Goma
Rebel forces in the eastern part of the Democratic Republic of the Congo are closing in on the provincial capital of Goma, after capturing another key town on the weekend.

The rebel forces belonging to the M23 group issued a statement saying they do not want to take the city, however local residence fear that it could be captured by the rebel forces soon.

The United Nations Security Council have condemned the rebel attacks in the eastern region of the country, and have called on foreign support for the M23 to end.

On Saturday, the rebels took control of the town of Kibumba, some 30 kilometres north of Goma, and have since advanced on
the North Kivu provincial capital of Goma.

Government troops, backed by United Nations peacekeeping forces are still in control of the airport in Goma. The UN mission in the DR Congo, Monuscu, clashed with rebel forces on Sunday as they advanced.

Monuscu has since deployed an additional 17 regiments to the area, as the tension intensifies.

According to the United Nations, the situation in the eastern part of the DR Congo is becoming a humanitarian disaster, as the conflict has internally displaced 500 000 people.

The fighting broke out back in April, after a mutiny was staged in the army, resulting in the formation of the group M23.
International organizations and the UN have accused Rwanda and Uganda of providing the rebel groups with logistical, technical and financial support, a charge both Kigali and Kampala have denied.
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