Court gives Molotov cocktail thrower 30 years
A Diyarbakır court has handed down a 30-year, 10-month prison sentence to a defendant charged with membership in a terrorist organization and attacking security forces with stones and Molotov cocktails in three unsanctioned demonstrations in Diyarbakır.

Although the ruling concerned a number of charges, it is still the latest in a series of tougher sentences for individuals throwing Molotov cocktails at demonstrations, which have become increasingly common since a court treated Molotov cocktails as having the same legal status as firearms in a ruling made three years ago. The ruling was handed down in a trial concerning a 17-year-old woman who died in a hospital in 2009 after spending 29 days in a coma due to burns she suffered when a Molotov cocktail was thrown inside a city bus in which she was riding.

The Diyarbakır 7th High Criminal Court's verdict on the case of defendant F.G. came on Wednesday.

F.G. was sentenced on charges of membership in a terrorist organization; committing a crime in the name of a terrorist organization; illegal ownership of explosive materials; disseminating the propaganda of a terrorist organization; violation of laws on gatherings and demonstrations; and obstructing a police officer. He was given 30 years, 10 months for all the charges, with no reduction on the grounds that "he did not display any sign of regret" during the trial.

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