Company offers thief TL 100,000 for return of property
A company on Monday offered to pay a thief TL 100,000 to return a laptop he stole which includes programming codes for an important project.

According to the company's security camera footage, the theft took place at 9 a.m. on Sunday. A bearded man wearing a hooded sweater entered a business center in İstanbul's Bahçelievler district and went to the third floor. Noticing that the door to an office was open, he entered the office and left with a laptop. The employees of the company were in a meeting at the time.

Called to the scene by company officials, the police took statements about the incident. The company does not plan to file charges against the thief. The owner of the company, Ömer Gezer, told reporters that they are offering the thief TL 100,000 to return the laptop with the contents intact. "I promise we will not file charges against the person who stole the laptop," Gezer said.

Another official from the company, Ramazan Aydın, stated that they have been preparing programming codes for a project which is extremely important for the future of the company. "Twenty-five experts have been working on those programming codes for the project for one-and-a-half years," added Aydın.

(Cihan/Today's Zaman) CİHAN
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