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AZERI MINISTER TURKEY: Turkish President Abdullah Gul will receive Azeri Deputy Prime Minister Elchin Efendiyev and an accompanying delegation at the Cankaya Presidential Palace in Turkish capital of Ankara.

SYRIA UPRISING: Latest developments from the civil war torn Syria.


PARIS GOVERNOR CANEPA: The second France-Turkey Partnership Program has taken place organized by The Turkish Confederation of Businessmen and Industrialists (TUSKON), Paris Investment Agency (GPIA) and Federation of French Executives and Entrepreneurs (FEDIF).

GERMAN PARLIAMENT PATRIOT: German Federal Parliament on Friday approved sending Patriot systems to Turkey after Turkey made a request from NATO.

JAGIOAD FISH MARKET: A four-member team of American researchers from University of Georgia today visited the famous fish market of Jagiroad in Assam.

RUMI NIGHT MOSCOW: Russia's city of St Petersburg has hosted a special night organized to commemorate the 13th century Sufi mystic Mevlana Jelaluddin Muhammad Rumi.

SPACECRAFT OBSERVE SPACECRAFT: This is the first footage of one orbiting robotic spacecraft taken by another orbiting robotic spacecraft at Earth's moon.

RENEWABLE ENERGY FORUM: Turkey's Energy and Natural Resources Minister Taner Yildiz said Thursday the Turkish government's energy projects respected the protection of the environment.

NASA GSDO: NASA's Ground Systems Development and Operations Program is developing the technologies and innovations to launch the next generation of rockets and spacecraft.

GRAIL TWIN SPACECRAFT: This animation shows the final flight path for NASA's twin Gravity Recovery and Interior Laboratory (GRAIL) mission spacecraft, which will impact the moon on Dec. 17, 2012, around 2:28 p.m. PST.

EXPO 2020: Turkish President Abdullah Gul said on Thursday received the Secretary General of the International Exhibitions Bureau, Vicente Gonzalez Loscertales and the EXPO 2020 Izmir Steering Committee members led by Izmir Governor Cahit Kirac at the Cankaya Presidential Palace in Ankara.

J-2X POWERBACK TEST: The J-2X powerpack assembly was fired up one last time on Dec. 13 at NASA's Stennis Space Center in Mississippi, finishing a year of testing on an important component of America's next heavy-lift rocket.

Event: Covering latest developments from the Turkish province of Hatay along the Turkey Syria border.
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