Billions of dollars worth of diamonds stolen from Zimbabwe - PAC
International campaign and civil society organization, Partnership Africa Canada (PAC), says that some US$ 2 billion worth of diamonds have been stolen from Zimbabwe.

According to PAC, the recent theft of diamonds was ""the biggest plunder of diamonds since Cecil Rhodes."

The Canadian-based group says that the theft occurred at the Marange diamond mine fields - enriching Zimbabwean officials, international dealers and criminals.

In response, Zimbabwean authorities have claimed the accusations were false and dismissed the allegations.

The activist group released their latest report titled, "Reap What You Sow: Greed and Corruption in Zimbabwe's Marange
Diamond Fields" in Ottawa, which occurred during the same period as the governments conference on diamonds, taking place in Victoria Falls.

PAC says that there was large scale theft of diamonds from Zimbabwe, with conservative estimates putting it to the value of US$ 2 billion, since 2008.

Meanwhile, the international diamond production watch-dog, the Kimberly Process, lifted the ban of Zimbabwean diamonds in 2011, with formal support from the European Union and the United States.

Initially the ban was imposed in 2009 after a report emerged that Zimbabwean military officials were profiting from the diamond trade, and that large scale human rights abuses were being committed at the Marange Fields.
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