Bank Robbery Caught on Cameras in Russia's European City Kaliningrad
In Kaliningrad, a Russian city in the European continent, the moment of bank roberry has been caught by cameras. Four suspected robbers attempted to rob the public bank of Sberbank.

The bank robbers have got the customers and the bank employees on the ground with guns, knives and axes in their hands. Stealing about 50 thousand dollars and 20 thousand euros, the robbers run away. It is reported that the suspected robbers were between the ages of 20 and 23 and they have a criminal record.

Starting an investigation about the armed robbery; it is said that the suspected thieves may get sentenced about 10 years.


The suspected robbers preparing for the robbery
Threatening the customers and workers
Getting them on the ground
Hiding behind the chairs
Robbers stealing money, climbing the bank tables
Customers running away
The moment when the police caught the robbers
The robbers giving statement


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