Ban says fed up with UN disunity on Syrian crisis
UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon has stated that he is fed up with the impotence of the international community in ending the 20-month Syrian crisis, calling on UN Security Council member countries to display a unified position to stop the violence in Syria.

Ban arrived in Turkey on Friday as part of his regional tour regarding the Syrian crisis. The UN chief was accepted by President Abdullah Gül on Saturday. On Friday, Ban traveled to İslahiye, a district of Gaziantep province, where he visited Syrian refugees. Later, Ban held a joint press conference with Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoğlu after a private talk with the minister on the Syrian crisis, as well as other regional issues such as Palestine, Somalia and Cyprus.

"I may say in the name of all the people who are on the side of democracy and freedom, we are fed up with this violence [in Syria] and the impotency of the international community in bringing peace to the Syrian people. Now is the time for the international community, in particular UN Security Council members, to show unity and more effort [with regard to the resolution of the Syrian crisis]," Ban said, adding that such unity will force Syrian President Bashar al-Assad to seek an agreement to end the violence.

"Since the UN has unfortunately failed to display a decisive stance on Syria, since a united position has not emerged at the UN Security Council, it has not been possible to prevent the Syrian crisis from deepening," Davutoğlu told the same conference.

Gül, for his part, called on the international community to increase their efforts to help the Syrians fleeing violence in their country and said the UN should play an "effective and leading role" in efforts to end the Syrian crisis.

Russia and China, two of the five permanent powers on the Security Council have repeatedly wielded their vetoes on a number of UN draft resolutions that aimed at unseating Assad, which has prevented the council from applying increased pressure on the Assad government to end its bloody crackdown. (Cihan/Todays Zaman) CİHAN
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