Artist punches wall 27,000 times for Mandela art
Artist punches wall 27,000 times for Mandela art

Belgian artist, Phil Akashi punched a wall 27,000 times as he drew an image of former South African leader, Nelson Mandela.

The artist using Chinese symbols that depict 'Freedom' paid tribute to the former President of South Africa.

"This artwork exemplifies Nelson Mandela's 27 years of incarceration but also symbolize his lifelong brave stand for freedom and equality," Akashi said on his website.

Akashi used a Chinese seal with the symbols that depict 'Freedom' and firmly opted to use black cinnabar paste to honor the South African hero's struggle against apartheid.

"Nelson Mandela is an extraordinary artist of peace. He sacrificed his own freedom to fight for the freedom of others and therefore represents a fantastic source of inspiration for the entire world."

The painting was punched onto the wall at the Shanghai Graffiti Park alongside other graffiti work.

Nelson Mandela nears 2 months of stay in a hospital in Pretoria where he was admitted on the 8th of June for a recurrent lung infection. The latest report from the South African presidency states Mandela is continuing to show improvement although in a critical yet stable condition.


-VAR Artist Phil Akashi who punches a wall to create Nelson Mandalas portrait


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