Americans Head to the Polls to Elect a President (2)
Americans head to the polls Tuesday to elect the next US president as Republican challenger Mitt Romney continues a frenetic last-second push for votes in his bid to unseat Democratic incumbent Barack Obama. According to the last datas the Americans will choose the new president by putting the economical realities in the first priorities.
Romney is set to make two campaign stops on Election Day in the battleground state of Ohio, whose 18 electoral votes are seen as potentially crucial in determining the winner of the election. The Obama campaign, meanwhile, had not announced any public Election Day campaign events as of Monday afternoon.
Obama's Tuesday agenda, however, includes a pick-up basketball game in Chicago, which has become something of an Election Day tradition for the incumbent.
Reggie Williams (28), He will cast his vote today said that they had been waiting this day with a patiently. Williams said that will choose the Obama. "This election will be very important for the United States," noted Williams.

"There are serious differences between the Obama and Romney's policy. Obama want to increase the tax burden of the riches but Romney want to reduce the tax of the rich peoples. It seems to me that, in the economy, Obama will be more successful than Romney. If people choose the Romney, He will direct U.S' way to other directions," also noted Williams.

Jennifer Wallin (32), New Yorker said that she would chose Obama. She stated that this election was very important for the country. "Obama has to win for more successful U.S," said Wallin.


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