Accounts court fails to send 2011 audit reports to Parliament for scrutiny
The Court of Accounts has failed to send audit reports of the expenditures of state institutions in 2011 to Parliament, which was supposed to examine the expenditures, drawing the ire of members of both the ruling party and the opposition.

The court was scheduled to send the reports to Parliament by Sept. 13 but did not, citing its inability to complete the reports in time. Parliament was expecting to receive 132 audit reports from the Court of Accounts for examination. The court is the only body that audits the expenditures of state institutions.

Justice and Development Party (AK Party) deputy Lütfi Elvan, who is also the head of the parliamentary Planning and Budget Commission, recently asked Court of Accounts President Recai Akyel about the expected audit reports. "When will the reports reach Parliament? We would be delighted if you can give us a clear response," Elvan asked Akyel as the commission debated the budget allocated to the Court of Accounts for 2013.

Republican People's Party (CHP) deputy İzzet Çetin also addressed Akyel, saying that the Court of Accounts president is neglecting his duty by not ensuring that the court sends the reports to Parliament on time. "If the court cannot audit the institutions and prepare reports, then it should inform Parliament about its failure. In this case, the Court of Accounts president is committing a crime because he is neglecting his duty," Çetin stated.

Akyel, in response, denied responsibility and said the council assigned to draft audit reports at the Court of Accounts is responsible for the failure. However, Akyel's defense did not ease the tension in Parliament. Nationalist Movement Party (MHP) deputy Mustafa Kalaycı queried: "Will the reports not reach Parliament? This is scandalous!"

The audit reports are drafted by a team of 59 auditors from the Court of Accounts. The auditors were assigned to audit the expenditures of 419 state institutions for 2012. The Court of Accounts spends most of its annual budget on drafting audit reports and was allocated a budget of TL 142 million for 2012.

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