Why Afghanistan?

Sat 10, November 2012 Kategori Columnist

Abdulvahap Filiz

In order to comprehend the deep affair about America’s settling down to Afghanistan, the conditions of neighbor countries to that state must be analyzed. It is notable the future ahead of China and India.

On the other hand, India, which is situated next to China, contains very strong dangers to Western economic life with its one billion population. Moreover, this country has established and completed its industry. America, has the intention of reducing the population of China and India through "biological warfare”. The precaution which will reduce China to below one billion people and India to below five hundred million people will be achieved through microorganism production as can be seen on the incident of "charbon”. Otherwise it is not possible to explain the reason that Americans produced and stored the charbon which has a lethal effect on human. Its choice of Afghanistan as a base is related with that purpose.Westerners, just like Jews, have forgotten long time ago to sympathize and to behave well to those who aren’t one of them.It is proved to be true by their extermination of American indians.

America, takes advantage of Pakistan, whilst using its plans to reduce the population. Outrageous human deaths on the region and non-reaction and also the conflicts, assassinations among the people to exterminate themselves, are some examples of actions targeting the population. Beneficial till the settle, the more you get them killed …..

While the leaders of European Union States are explaining the importance of Afghanistan War, Nato troops must never lose there, and new messages are coming from other front lines and new lines have started to appear just when they intended to convince their people. In the previous days , " Israel was blamed by the UN commission of investigation under the presidency of South African Jewish judge Richard Goldstone for committing crime against humanity due to its attack stretching over twenty two days on Gaza.” Aware of America’s secret plans to enter Afghanistan and to settle there,countries in the region such as Russia, China and India, have given a message, through supporting the Palestinian people by voting for "Goldstone Report” on the contrary to the American policy which is on Israel’s side in the Middle East.

Even the Palestine prime minister Ismail Heniyye conveyed his thanks to India, Russia and China which have voted for the Goldstone Report. Also Heniyye; "We think that the humane and moral standing of Russia, India and China on the truth’s side against the cruelty and deviance, is an evidence of their peoples’ nobility”If we take a close look, we can see that those countries who supported the report are situated around Afghanistan.When the United States settled in Afghanistan, those states will lose their effect on the region. Even, they will face domestic disturbances on their internal affairs. For example, China has the issue of "uigur”, in India "Kashmir”, in Russia "Chechnya”.These problems will be provoked when needed. Because the policy of West to rule the world has always been in this manner. " Çünkü batının, bugüne kadar dünyayı yönetme politikası hep bu şekilde olmuştur."divide and rule”has always led to a hot spot anywhere …

Yet, while they took place, the plans on the region can ruin and evolve …. As I wrote this, it was reported that two English and an American soldier were killed within forty eight hours by the Taliban and a ceremony was being held in the capital of England for their soldiers killed in Afghanistan. Under a big public opinion against the war, the English government, are looking for solutions to withdraw its soldiers from Afghanistan.

When some other countries decided to withdraw from Afghanistan; a news came from America; "It turned out to be Jordan originated psychiatrist Nidal Malik who killed twelve soldiers by randomly shooting in an American military base situated in Texas state of America and was in demand to be posted to Afghanistan or Iraq by the army which he didn’t want to go. When the bad effects of the events on the public was argued, they stroke to the army. In our opinion, America must immediately leave the region before getting much drown into. Because things started to turn against America. Having written an article on the first of November, one of the Yale University professors Immanuel Wallerstein, who knows the capitalist system of the USA and its world economy strategy ; tells in his article "Afghanistan : Heads You Lose, Tails You Lose ” ; "America or Obama, whomever makes the war in Afghanistan will lose”.

We will see a more isolated America in the world in the near future. Its unjust attitude and Zionism partisanship, the dream of a monopolar world without sharing will lead it to be erased from the world … Just like the ones before in the history ….Would the history repeat, if drawn lesson…That’s that.

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