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Sheikha Abdulkarim Zekeriyya

I am Sheikh Abdul Karim Seidu Zakariya, I completed my basic, junior and senior high schools successfully as mandated by the Ghana Education Service before moving to the University of Tripoli, Lebanon in 2000 where I obtained a Bachelor of Arts in Islamic Jurisprudence. I also obtained a DIPLOMA in Daawah and leadership, in the High Institute of World Muslims League, Makah, Saudi Arabia in the year 2004.
Haven gained the requisite knowledge in Islamic, I published a ’’Translation of Safaliba – Arabic Qur’an (from sura An-Naba [78] to An-Naas [114]’’ in 2007 to guide colleague Muslims to learning the doctrine, Islam.
My quest to broadening my Islamic faith and also to impact what I learnt onto others led me to become a class tutor (Islamic Tutor) in Madina Islamic School, Accra, Ghana from 2001 to 2007, Hamidaniya Islamic School, Accra, Ghana from 2002-2007 and Institute of Islamic Studies, Accra, Ghana from 2007 to date.
Also, I spearhead voluntary weekly lectures in Al-Rahman Mosque, Nima- Accra, Ghana from 2007 to date, Alhaj Belo’s Mosque, Nima-Accra, Ghana from 2004 to date and finally, Abubakar Siddiq Mosque, Adaberaka-Accra, Ghana from 2002 to date.

To ascertain my level of social contact and development, above all leadership qualities, I took the following offices; Executive Member of Rabitatu Al-Duatul Muslim of Ghana from 2003 to date, Financial Secretary of Rabitatu Al-Duatul Muslim of Ghana from 2009 to date, Member of Daawa Committee of Al hullu Sunna wal jama-aa in Ghana from 2004 to date and Secretary of Human Development Association International from 2009 to date.
In the course of duty, I exhibit the following qualities and competence if not etiquettes;
• Project monitoring, evaluation and reporting with minimal supervision
• Good team player
• Strong organizational and management skills including ability to manage time
• Excellent interpersonal and innovative skills
• Good verbal and written communicative skills in Arabic and Turkish language
• Ability to work under pressure with little or without supervision.
As a PREACHER & RURAL DEVELOPMENT WORKER I have exhibited all the above and would be more than humbled to acquire new skills.

The following authorities can be contacted to authenticate the veracity of the above;
• Sheikh Umar Ibrahim Imam
Allusunna National Imam, Ghana

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