Violence in Syria getting worse
The representative of the Arab League in Turkey said violence perpetrated by the Syrian administration constantly was getting greater.


In an exclusive interview with the Anadolu Agency (AA), Najiri said that "unless terror in Syria ended, those in jails were freed and if the people's search for freedom did not continue, a transitional government could not be established in Syria".
Efforts for a political solution in Syria could not be successful, Najiri pointed out.
"Relations between Turkey and the Arab League continued in the best way possible. We are in close contact with Turkey. We hosted a very important meeting of the Syrian opposition with Turkey in Istanbul on June 16 and 17. This meeting was a preparation for the Cairo meeting on July 2 and 3. We were in close cooperation with Turkey for the meetings in Geneva and Paris. We are always in solidarity with Turkey," Najiri stressed.

Al-Assad did not comply with Annan's plan even a single day

Moreover, Chairman of Turkmen Community in Syria Yusuf Molla, has said that Al-Assad's regime did not act in accordance with the UN-Arab League Special Envoy to Syria Kofi Annan's six point plan, even a single day.
"Syrian people do not expect a single thing from the Annan plan," told Molla to the AA correspondent.

Reporting by Ali Öztürk/Erdal Turkoglu

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