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Mustafa Geçer

USA, formed by 50 federal states, is just as a joint company without its national determinative quality. It has a hybrid mosaic structure consisting of different colored and sized stones. It is a very big country with its population of 310 millions including --big but soft– and –small but hard– stones inside it.

When the citizenship is determined by "blood” principal in unitary states, in USA it is determined by "territory” principal. Anyone becomes USA citizen who is born on its territory.

Who manages this economically, financially, military and technologically limitless country, has always remained a main topic of the world. USA elections, as the change on its internal and global policies is a serious situation and reality which affects all other countries in a positive or negative manner, has always been on the world agenda because the countries related with the USA are probably much interested than its own electors in it.

The biggest and the most privileged shareholder of that United States of America Joint Company (!) has been small but hard Jews. This shareholder, who became totally powerful in finance field, had been effective and determinant on all other fields of the USA, such as economic, military, politic. It continues to be so. For that, the first priority of USA rulers, has been the protection and the safety of Israel not the USA.

Democrat Hussein Barack Obama, elected as president on the elections of November 4, 2008 is the first black president who represent exactly the hybrid structure of USA with his semi white(black) anathomy, semi Christian(Muslim) religious structure, that overcame the neo-con Republicans who accepted themselves as the representative of WASP (White Anglo Saxon Protestant) elements. The election for the first time of an Afro-American black man on the land of the white man, has been considered as the start of a new era and caused the hope of ending the Crusades started with Bush government’s Project for the New American Century (PNAC) and world would have a sigh of relief.

Most state rulers have supported, regarded the election of Obama as a chance with excitements and even some have sacrificed animals to celebrate this election including Turkish rulers who follow integrated policies parallel to American global policies, finding it as the remedy to leave its existence and future in the hands of USA’s favor. Pro-american Turkish press had given "Welcome President” headlines for Obama, during his visit to Turkey in 2009.

When analyzed the first period, his choice for "change” as the election slogan, his belonging to the democratic party, has certainly caused him to establish some so-called little positive details of this tradition but no real change happened on the principal policies of the USA. Ministers, consultants, bureaucrats he employed for consulting room were matching up with those of the Clinton and the Bush era. When we take a look on Obama’s first period cabinet, it was obvious that his promises for Islamic world and Turkey were starry-eyed and far from realization. As a result it ended up in that way. The cabinet was constructed contradictory to the peace and change claims.

Some of the cabinet members were as follows:

Jeo Biden, was appointed as Obama's Vice President. He is well known for his hostility to Muslims and Turks. A person claiming that NCTR is occupying in Cyprus and must be removed, so called "Armenian Genocide” to be recognized by the USA.

Richard Hoolbrooke, a state dismemberment specialist who took charge in the separation of Yugoslavya. He took the charge to dismember the states that are assumed as " Crisis Axis” instead of the " Devil’s Triangle” states of Iran, Iraq, North Korea. "Crisis Axis” included Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Afghanistan, Pakistan. Especially Islamic states were on target.

As well as the ex consultant of Bill Clinton, Rahm Emmanuel, who has the "Zionism Knight” award is the strongest man of Jewish lobby. He was appointed as Obama’s cabinet minister. ”Zionism Knight”, is an international title given to people who served the most to Zionism.

Robert Gates, the defence minister of Bush period. He became the defence minister of Obama as well. Known as one of the top managers of "Greater Middle East Initiative” and the biggest architects of Bush period aggressive policies.

Hillary Clinton, wife of ex-president Bill Clinton. Obama’s minister of foreign affairs.

That he gave them a seat in his cabinet, is a response to those who became hopeful by his phrases to "wind” them up, and how they waste their time on such pipe dreams.

In his first four years period, Barack Obama didn’t carry out a different policy from the period of G.W.Bush. Furthermore, the Obama era had been a worse period for Turkey and other Islamic states.

Some steps have been taken against Turkey in the U.S. House in favor of so-called Armenian Genocide recognition.

Studies are made for making the USA to stay in Afghanistan and Iraq and to maintain the invasion. USA, initiated the hostility and conflicts in all the countries it occupied through triggering the differences, and causing to the danger of losing the culture of living together among different identities and dismemberment. In some Arabic state riots, USA preferred to increase its effectiveness on its own benefits and exploitation by means of adopting an insincere policy which favors the side that serves its purpose. He didn’t close the Guantanamo torture camp. The USA clearly took sides with Israel in the event of political tension between Israel and Turkey after the Israeli attack and killing our 9 citizens on "Mavi Marmara” ship which joined to the protest, determined to lift the Israeli embargo on Palestine, from Turkey. Parallel to this event, for cornering Turkey and examining its Cyprus policies, USA, Israel and Greek Cypriot triplet provoked Turkey through the salvo of oil and natural gas exploration in the south of Cyprus which was illegal to international laws and against Turkish benefits, these activity was considered as "casus belli” by Turkey. Turkey sent surveying ship to the region but took no result. Action of Israel, USA, Greek Cypriot carries out. Against Turkey’s scoldings, Israel continued its war provocations by making low attitude well-armed flights with F15 fighter aircrafts, within Turkish maritime territories and on Mersin. At this very moment Turkey was warned by USA for not to disturb Israel on this occasion, otherwise will be on Israel’s side with all its power in case of a conflict that takes place on the region. Our so-called "strategic ally” squelched Turkish government of AKP by taking a stand against Turkey. Meanwhile Obama is the president.

It was seen that no positive changes occurred in USA’s essential policies during Obama’s previous period.

Obama has been elected for the second time on 6 December 2012 and became one of the presidents selected twice. Better than the other candidate Mitt Romney.

Top brass of Turkish government has expressed their wishes of "I couldn’t sleep till morning because of excitement”, ”same to us”. The expectations from Obama continue to stay, for the reason that "one can always hope”.

Some societies want to keep their hope for a change free of Jewish and neo-con axis in USA policies, claiming that Obama was elected in spite of Zionists.They base their hope to the theory that Obama gained victory despite Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu stood against him... In fact, the electors had the opinion that Netanyahu acted quickly about Obama according to surveys conducted in USA before the elections.

Obama’s previous period had disappointed the hopers.

It isn’t possible to use America’s economic, financial, military, politic power for neither Americans nor the world peace,as long as the USA administrations are under Zionist influence. At first, Americans must struggle to become free of that influence. Can Obama achive this? I don’t think so.

State administrations which rely on USA’s policies have to consider that they can be left in the lurch any moment.

USA is a big , benefit-oriented, joint company. Not a charity organization.It always adopted policies toward what its benefits require it to be with and main policies didn’t and won’t change whoever the president is.

Those who rely their future and hopes to USA policies and its presidents, must know that they have to develop alternative policies, even though their hopes realized. Because if you always travel inside someone else’s car you can’t arrive the point you want to, besides you have to pay for it.

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