US-led coalition conducts fresh strikes in Syria
ISIL headquarters in Ar Raqqah and infrastructure in Deir ez-Zor come under fire

The U.S.-led coalition against the Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant hit several ISIL targets in Syria on Sunday night, local sources and the Local Coordination Committees of Syria have said.

The activist group said that bombs struck ISIL headquarters in Raqqah in central north Syria, the de facto 'capital' of rebel-held territory.

ISIL centers in Ratleh and Tal Abyad were also bombed, the LCC said.

Local sources also confirmed to an Anadolu Agency correspondent that U.S.-led coalition hit three ISIL targets in Tal Abyad, near the Turkish border, in a region where an oil refinery is located.

Separately, eyewitnesses told Anadolu Agency correspondents that coalition aircraft conducted air strikes against the Kuniko gas facility in Deir ez-Zor city, eastern Syria.

The plant, controlled by ISIL for the last two months, meets a large portion of the region’s natural gas needs.

There is no information on those injured or killed in the air strikes.

U.S. Central Command said on Sunday that the coalition targeted several militant positions near the Iraqi border in Syria.

According to the U.S military, Saudi Arabia and the United Arab Emirates also participated in the strikes.

President Barack Obama authorized U.S. forces to conduct airstrikes on ISIL in Syria on September 10.

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