US begins manned airstrikes from Incirlik
American military confirms to Anadolu Agency strikes launched Wednesday

The U.S. on Wednesday launched its first manned airstrikes against Daesh targets from the Incirlik Air Base in Turkey, according to CENTCOM.

U.S. Central Command confirmed to Anadolu Agency that the strikes had taken place Wednesday but did not provide additional details.

Last month, Turkey agreed to allow U.S.-led coalition forces to launch airstrikes against Daesh positions from Incirlik, located near Turkey’s border with war-torn Syria.

The U.S. began flying armed missions from the strategic air base in southeastern Turkey last weekend, and carried out the first unmanned airstrike from the facility last Tuesday.

During the weekend, the U.S. sent a contingent of six F-16s, and 300 American personnel to the base.

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