UK: Cameron apologizes to imam for Daesh allegation
Prime Minister David Cameron has apologized to a London-based Muslim preacher for suggesting he supports Daesh.

Cameron had claimed during a parliamentary debate that Suliman Gani, an imam from the south London suburb of Tooting, was a supporter of the extremist group based in Syria and Iraq.

He made comments as part of Conservative Party campaign allegations that Labour’s successful mayoral candidate Sadiq Khan had connections to radical and extremist Muslims.

But Gani strongly rejected any sympathies for Daesh and Cameron’s office issued a clarification late Wednesday, saying the prime minister had wanted to suggest Gani supported "an” Islamic state.

According to Sky News, a statement said: "In reference to the Prime Minister's comments on Suliman Gani, the Prime Minister was referring to reports that he supports an Islamic state.

"The Prime Minister is clear this does not mean Mr Gani supports the organization Daesh and he apologizes to him for any misunderstanding.”

Gani had demanded a formal apology from the British premier for labeling him a Daesh supporter. Last month he told Anadolu Agency he was shocked by Cameron’s allegations, which he described as racist and Islamophobic.

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