Turkish FM says Austria is capital of radical racism
Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu has slammed Austrian chancellor’s remarks calling Turks living in Austria as "radical", saying Austria is the "capital of radical racism.”

In remarks made during an interview on private Turkish television channel TGRT Friday, Cavusoglu said: "You are lying! How dare you call Turkish people [in Austria] as radical?”

He said the Austrian Chancellor Christian Kern had been disturbed to see the support of Turks for their president and Turkey following the July 15 defeated coup.

"Thousands of [Turkish] citizens were there to support our president and Turkey with flags in their hands. That disturbed him [Kern]," he said.

In his remarks on Thursday, Kern had criticized anti-coup protests by Turks in Austria and called them "radical". Cavusoglu said this particular remark of Kern was even "uglier than" his comment about halting Turkey's EU accession process.

About some politicians allegedly writing reports against Turkey for money, Cavusoglu said there were some people like that in the European Parliament and "we know them."

"Look at the people giving support to the ‘Hizmet hashtag’," he said, adding the people backing them were pursuing "their own benefits."

Cavusoglu said European political parties and media had slid into populist waves after an increase in racism in Europe.

There is an anti-Turkish tendency along with an anti-Islam tendency manipulated by the ones who cannot bear Turkey's growth and multi-dimensional foreign policy, he said.

"In normal conditions, media is expected to be more sensitive about freedoms, human rights, democracy and freedom of thoughts. Unfortunately, the media in Europe has lost all objectivity, [it] is biased and manipulated," he said.

About German media's bias, Cavusoglu said: "The German media is especially not independent. Look at the newspapers with different political views, leftist or rightist. [They have ] the same headlines and spots. They are all being manipulated by one control mechanism.

"Even the newspapers that had never been united before are now using the exact same headlines, with the same words and sentences. It is not a coincidence."

About the U.K.'s decision to leave the European Union, Cavusoglu said the bloc’s policy of integration had failed. He said the EU had also failed in its neighborhood and in its foreign policies due to a lack of vision.

"There is serious racism in Europe, which is increasing every other day [including] xenophobia, anti-Semitism, growing resentment towards refugees and Islam," he added.

"There is hatred for anything that is not a part of it and unfortunately, populism overcame the wisdom and common sense in Europe, which led them to become distant to the reality," Cavusoglu said.

The Turkish foreign minister also said the U.S. Secretary of State John Kerry will pay a two-day official visit to Turkey on August 24.

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