Turkey to response to those who resort to violence and terror
Turkish President Abdullah Gul said Turkey would respond to those who resorted to violence and terrorism.


Turkish President Abdullah Gul said on Thursday that Turkey would respond to those who resorted to violence and terrorism.
Turkey has been combating terrorism for a long time and all state institutions had a great determination in this fight, Gul said when replying to questions of reporters in central Cankiri province.
President Gul said Turkey would keep its fighting against terrorism with a great determination.
"Turkish security forces have been reviewing their methods and experiences as well as restructuring themselves in this fight", he said.
Replying to a question, Gul said that terrorist organization utilized authority vacuum in Iraq and Syria.
If terrorist organization created a safe haven for itself near Turkey's border, Turkey would never allow it, he said. That's why Turkey had legitimacy in any kind of fight, he said.
Turkey did not have eyes on territory of any country, he said.
Gul said that they didn't have any intention to interfere in internal affairs of any country, stating that but if there was a terrorist attack on Turkey from another country, Turkey had the right to take any measures against it.
A civil war has been continuing in Syria and many people were killed there, he said. "Turkey does not have any intention to declare a war against Syria. I hope that Syria does not have intention to assume an unreasonable attitude against Turkey, either" he said.
But in case of some developments and risks, every kind of measure was taken, he said. One of these measures was the one taken against short-range and medium-range missiles, he said. Gul said that NATO has been making contingency planning as part of its long-term defense policies.

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