Turkey to not step back from fighting terror: Davutoglu
Turkey will not step back from its fight against terrorism despite facing attacks, Turkish Prime Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said in Ankara Wednesday.

Addressing a press conference at the airport before he flew for his official visit to Qatar, Davutoglu wished the injured in Wednesday evening’s Bursa attack in northwestern Turkey a speedy recovery.

A suicide blast killed one person and injured 20 others at the entrance of a historic bazaar in Bursa.

"We will continue to take a principled stand against terrorism and terrorists wherever and however it occurs," the prime minister said.

About the warnings issued by the U.S. for its citizens in Turkey, Davutoglu said that such alerts were, unfortunately, giving rise to psychological unrest.

"Currently, there are no countries in the world, which is not vigilant against terrorism… A person visiting Paris, Brussels or Istanbul is not under less risk than a person visiting Bursa today," he said.

About Turkey’s new constitution, Davutoglu said a preliminary draft on core issues such as fundamental human rights and freedoms is prepared; however, no final text exists so far.

"We strive for a constitution which has references to our own values and contains both universal and national values at the same time. The essence of the constitution will be liberalism.

"Our main understanding from a constitution is being citizen and human based,” he added.

About the presidential system of governance in Turkey, Davutoglu said the current goal is for a clear system, which will not lead to any authority confusion.

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