Turkey on the front covers of international magazines
Turkey, placed on the front covers of international magazines which are publications with a high circulation.

Chinese media which pays high attention to Turkey because China will host Turkish Culture Year in 2013.
Ilknur Yigit, Beijing consultant of Turkish Ministry of Culture and Tourism, told AA that because of next year's events, Chinese media focuses on Turkey.
China's weekly magazine of San Lian Sheng Huo Zhou Kan which has a circulation of 900 thousand covered Turkey in 35 pages out of 160.
Furthermore, international luxury travel magazine Conde Nast Traveller covered Istanbul in its October edition.
The magazine covered Turkey for 13 pages and titled the article as "City of Senses" which takes its readers to an Istanbul tour.
Suzy Hansen's article was blended with the photos of Julien Capmeil.
Both magazines cover the cultural activities of Turkey and what it presents. Briefly, they cover the history, politics and economy of Turkey.
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