Turkey must reassume its great role in Islamic world
Secretary General of Lebanon's Al-Jamaa Al-Islamiya movement, Ibrahim al-Masri said that Turkey must "reassume its great role in the Islamic world".

In an exclusive interview with the Anadolu Agency (AA), al-Masri said that they were grateful to Turkey for all services provided to Syrian refugees.
"Turkey should reassume its great role in the Islamic world," al-Masri noted.
Touching on clashes in north of Lebanon and calls on the Lebanese government to resign, al-Masri indicated that "with the arrival of Feast of Sacrifice, clashes became silent in Tripoli. The current Lebanese government does not represent the whole people of Lebanon. We expect the government to either withdraw itself or resign in upcoming days".
"The Syrian regime has extensions in Lebanon. The assassination of intelligence head Wissam al-Hassan triggered various incidents," al-Masri noted.
Arguing that the Syrian regime had no intention to give up power, al-Masri stressed that Assad did not want to understand the legitimate demands of his people for a fair and democratic system.
"I do not think the Syria crisis could be solved any time soon," al-Masri indicated.
Al-Masri praised the assistance provided by Turkish associations to Palestinian refugees living in Lebanon during the recent Feast of Sacrifice.
"The incidents in Lebanon and Syria should not make the Palestinian issue be forgotten. We are thankful to Turkey for all the services rendered to Syrian refugees," al-Masri also said.

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