Turkey gives note to Syria, says Turkish fm
Turkish Foreign Minister Ahmet Davutoglu said that Turkey gave a note to Syria upon the incidents that took place in Ceylanpinar town of Turkey today.


In a joint press conference with his Italian colleague Giulio Terzi in Rome, Davutoglu stressed that Turkey presented a note to Syria after Monday's incidents in Ceylanpinar.
"We informed the UN Security Council and NATO on the situation in Ceylanpinar. The Assad regime is responsible for what took place. The secondary responsibility sits with the UN Security Council for their inaction," Davutoglu underlined.
"Bombings made by Syrian jets in residential areas are not acceptable. The Syrian jets did not violate Turkey's air space. Had they violated our air space, we would have responded accordingly," Davutoglu indicated.
"On Sunday, the Syrian opposition reached a common alliance. The international community from now on has to do what it has to do," Davutoglu also said.

International community has no excuse left after new Syrian opposition formation

Davutoglu on Monday said that the international community had no excuses left after the new Syrian opposition formation in Doha, Qatar.
Davutoglu stated that he informed Terzi on an agreement reached within the Syrian opposition and the developments at the Turkish-Syrian border.
"I have thanked Italy for their support in NATO. The Syrian problem poses a regional and global security risk. A serious, common attitude must be taken on Syria," Davutoglu noted.
"The international community has no more excuses after the new Syrian opposition formation in Doha. The responsibility now lies on the international community. We have, along with Qatar, expressed that we recognize the new formation," Davutoglu indicated.
"The Assad regime without making any differentiation continues to bomb residential areas as in Ras al Ayn. The international community must send clear messages to the Syrian regime. Such attacks show the type of situation we face. This is a scenario that the international community must see," Davutoglu stressed.
Toucing on the developments in Turkey's Ceylanpinar town and the Syrian town of Ras al Ayn, Davutoglu said that Turkey gave a note to Syria to warn the Syrian regime.
"We have informed the UN Security Council and NATO on the developments. The silence of the international community hurts our consciences. The Assad regime is the primarily responsible party for what is taking place. The inaction of the UN Security Council makes them the secondary responsible party. As long as the inaction continues, the Syrian regime will find excuses for their provocations," Davutoglu stated.
"It would not be accurate to point out that there are divisions within the Syrian opposition," Davutoglu noted.
Davutoglu thanked Italy for their support to Turkey's EU bid.
Minister Terzi, in his part, said that the Syrian opposition reached a consensus that would represent the whole Syrian nation.
Davutoglu is a crucial actor on the issue of Syria, Terzi noted.
Touching on Turkey-EU relations, Terzi said that they supported visa liberalization for Turkish citizens.
"Turkey is a highly important economic partner and bilateral trade continues to increase," Terzi also said.

The new Syrian opposition bloc should be supported

Davutoglu said that representatives of the new Syrian opposition bloc, which was recently shaped in meeting, should be supported.
Davutoglu said that Turkey was hosting 120,000 Syrian refugees, adding that over 30,000 Syrians had been killed in clashes in Syria and much more were reported missing, while nearly one million Syrians were refugees. Davutoglu said that it was a humanity crime.

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