Turkey Boron Mines Geopolitics

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Mustafa Geçer

"The crusades” of Christian West against muslims were religion wars at first. To exterminate Islam and muslims, to retrieve Jerusalem.

Their aim was to save the Promised Land. Financial ideas have started to come up in the context of spreading movements of thoughts in the West. Movements of thoughts such as merchantilism, geopolitics etc. guided western politicians through materialist politics also.

Moreover they started to believe that it is possible to be right when you are strong.

Crusade idea united with colonialism. So to say they developed theories for raising the colonialism on scientific basis in order to obtain financial power.

Not abandoning the crusade idea, but adding colonialism next to it they attacked and invaded not only Islamic lands but also the regions they found profitable. They even slaughtered most of those lands’ people after colonizing their countries.

They founded colony regimes there with collaborationists and mandatories. What was called; to bring "democracy, modernity and civilization” to those lands.

In the early part of 19. century, Ottoman was still present and was seen as a leading obstacle before the invasion and colonization of Islamic geograpy.

The obstacle should be removed, the only Islamic state and power on the earth should be erased, the Ottoman geography should crush, it should be prevented to become an effective power, every value on its lands should be exploited, foremost the oil.

When it was achieved, both the crusade and the colonialism would overcome.

They called the politics to annihilation of Ottoman – sick man – THE MATTER OF EAST in other words "Eastern Problem”.

This problem should certainly be overcome.

Without looking through the purposes of colonist powers it is not possible to comprehend the modern days’ incidents which are the continuation of those old aims.

We can neither produce realistic politics to prevent their plans, nor understand the games that are played at the present time such as; Greater Middle East Initiative, Afghanistan Invasion, Iraq Invasion, partition of Middle Eastern energy and petrol fields, the arab spring , tricks for making benefits available of Turkish Boron mines.

We would keep telling that human rights, democracy and civilization were being brought to those lands just like the sympathizers of those western powers.

Middle Eastern oil, Boron reserves in Turkey, have always whetted western countries’ appetite and increased the geopolitical importance of the region.

This is why they keep their politics to possess that area.

For the last 200 years and even for now, the most important policy and war cause of the crusader world have been the annihilation of Ottoman, occupation of energy fields of the region and also the foundation of Israeli state and its safety.

They obtained largely their goal in the war they have been continuing for centuries, and keep making use of every means to achieve other unachieved aims.

Tens of crusades, First World War, Second World War, Iraq Invasion, Afghanistan Invasion, interest on Libya, threatening Iran, they are all the pieces of the plan put into action under the name of greater middle east initiative in order to capture the unachieved aims. They are approaching their targets by the governments and political powers for the purpose of actualizing this project.

Their interest on Turkish Boron reserves, tricks played on boron are all the studies related with those policies. They keep their insistent long term studies on boron.

Turkey has no mine with massive reserves in spite of being rich in the meaning of diversity. Mines with the most reserves are ; chromium,boron, and lignite.

Among them the boron is the one who has strategic importance. 75% of boron reserves of the world is situated in Turkey. The boron has various areas of usage.

At the present time, it has more than 500 areas of usage. Boron will probably become an important energy source when fossil fuels such as coal, oil, gas are exhausted. It will possibly become the safest energy source to use on boron fusion power plants to consume on space crafts, automobiles. Boron reserves out of Turkey will exhaust about 60-70 years later if keeps being consumed as in today. Turkish boron reserves has the potential to serve for a thousand year. That is to say, it will be the world monopol of boron in the forthcoming years.

Therefore it is the most important factor of Turkey geopolitics. If managed wisely, it may lead Turkey to one of the strongest countries on earth.

Western colonialist countries started to studying upon understanding its strategic importance.

The biggest refined boron producer of the world is US.Borax ltd. USA and Argentina have boron reserves. Its quantity is 11% of the world.

Turkey boron fields were given to the French company in 1865, in accordance with the Maadin Regulations which was accepted in 1861. When it comes to the republican era, in 1960, even though some local companies founded small scale boron enterprises, they didn’t achieved to compete with world’s giants.

In 1978, it was operated by European companies, before being nationalized.

These companies didn’t found facilities to process the boron in Turkey, didn’t bring technology, but they took away the boron after extracting it from the ground. They showed our boron reserves small and not so qualified as to process.

England followed this policy. Borax Consolidated ltd., which is a subsidiary company of Rio Tinto Zinc, carried on the business of Turkey boron fields.

Before, the Boron fields Sultançayırı and new fields which belongs to Desmond Abel Smith, were passed on to Borax Consolidated Ltd in accordance with the bylaw no 3/12002 which dates 27.October.1950.

This company became the world monopol during those dates. It changed its name on the date of 25.11.1955 to look pretty and distract attention in Turkey.

By means of adding TURK before its name, it became; TÜRK BORAKS MADENLERİ AŞ.

Capital distribution of that company was as follows: Borax consolidated Ltd. %94, Turkish shareholders: %2, English shareholders: %4. It became the owner of Turkey borons.

Sultançayırı field was registered to this company on the date of 6.1.1956.

The company, demanded for 45 years of operation liberty, declaring that it located 10 megatons reserve after having drilled on Kırka Sarıcakaya field. Upon suspicions, it was found that the reserve wasn’t 10 megatons, but 400 megatons later on 1 gigatons according to the research of MTA (mineral research and exploration).

In 1958 NATO announced the boron mineral as a strategic raw material. Thereupon, arguments started about it. It became a current issue to nationalize those minerals.

Borax Consolidated ,who became disturbed by the arguments, prepared a report in 1963. It was told on its report that; Boron mines are exhausted in Turkey, it has a chance to sell 20 thousand tones of sale.

It has no chance to compete. Boron industry would make loss. This industry could be found only if Borax Consolidated was made partner. Don’t attract the rivalry attention of the USA.

All these determinations were found to be false and lie.

In 1978, the boron was nationalized. ETİBANK was delegated full authority on Boron mines.

It was understood that the highest quality boron was in Turkey. While Emet,Bigadiç,Kestelek boron (colemanit B2O3) were going for 40-60 dollars before 1978, it started to go for 300 dollars per ton.

Today the world boron production is met 560 thousand tons by USA US Borax and 475 thousand tons by Turkey Eti Holding.

Despite Turkey nationalized its boron mines, European and American companies doesn’t seem to give it up. Their interest on Turkish boron keeps in an insistent manner. They are in pursuit of possessing at least becoming partners of Turkish boron minerals.

In 1999, it was among the commitments of 18. stand by to privatize the boron mines. IMF, demanded the privatization commitment of boron mines, Ziraat Bank, Halk Bank and Emlak Bank and it was accepted by Turkish government (ANASOLM).

Before this date, Özal Government let out the project of "THE RESEARCH FOR FINDING OUT HOW PUBLIC ENTREPRISES MUST BE PRIVATIZATED IN ORDER TO INTEGRATE INTO GLOBAL ECONOMY AND NEW WORLD ORDER” to J.P. MORGAN BANK in 1986. At first on its "PRIVATIZATION MAIN PLAN”, Morgan Bank suggested to reorganize ETİBANK as a Holding, and to sell the resources of profit making subsidiary organizations (BORON,CROMIUM).

It is also meaningful that the USA Deputy Treasury Secretary JOHN TAYLOR (Board member of world boron market leader DODGE&COX and RİO TİNTO HOLDİNG) made his first visit to Turkey in 2001 to the Privatization Secretary of the State of that era.(RİO TİNTO is the parent company of Borax Consolidated Ltd who processed 80% of Turkish boron in Turkey before 1978, consequently the 94% shareholder of Türk Boraks Madencilik AŞ.)

World boron production is 1.5 megatons, and 42% of it is being met by US Borax alias Rio Tinto Holding and 33.4% by Eti Holding.

Countries such as Russia, China meet the rest of production.

Games played on boron has never come to an end. The government of Turkey brought a draft to the Industry Commerce Energy Natural Resources Information and Technology Commission for the privatization of boron mines.

The "Boron” was removed on the draft which is situated on the 2nd item of the law no 1- 2840.

2- This law becomes effective on its publishment date.

3-Council of ministers execute this law.

There were three items as stated aboeve. The law was made up of them.

President of the commission was Oktay VURAL from MHP. When we asked the president this law’s cause as a commission member he remembered ;

"As it is not possible to operate those mines productively and profitably for the reason that it belongs to the state as a monopol , we desire them to be privatized, thus to be operated much productively by means of private sector.”

When investigated deeply, it is seen that IMF negotiations continue and IMF lays down insistently the privatization of boron mines as a condition. And US Borax company was behind the scenes.

It showed up that was a requirement of "Passing to the Strong Economy” program which is offered to the ANASOLM government by Kemal Derviş, whom the economy was left.

Turkey or global capital; which was wanted to pass to the strong economy was understood by 2000 and 2001 economic crisis and the collapse of Turkish economy.

It showed up that the American company known as US Borax held the world boron monopoly and had been insisting on IMF to get Turkey Boron privatized in order to capture it and to prevent itself from giving the monopoly faculty to Turkey as the company’s boron fields situated in USA and acquired in South America and Argentina by means of privatization could exhaust.

It was witnessed that the commission president Oktay Vural was not so innocent in his cause of "the much productive procession of our boron by means of private sector”,

but it was wanted to make a present to the US Borax company which belonged to the grand sons of Teodor Herzel and that company was about to achieve its centenarian objective.

We gave a Parliamentary Investigation Motion concernin our Boron mines as party group. We made the motion presentation speeches at the General Assembly of the Parliament.

The motion was voted, rejected. Yet the speeches and the exposure of boron’s strategic importance, led the boron privatization draft to stay caduceus and illegitimated.

We saved our boron.

World mine monopolies didn’t give up their ambitions. They continue to use it as a long term policy.

It came up that the boron was planned to open to the private sector on the date of 05.March.2012 by means of service procurement by adding another clause of Energy Minister Taner YILDIZ to the second item of the law numbered 2840, which gave the boron mineral exploration and procession authority to the state.

The owner of the property would be the state, the private sector would operate. It looks like they will finish the job in such a way and open to the world monopolies.

Azerbaijan , Şahdeniz oil fields’ operational rights were transferred to western oil monopolies too for 99 years provided that its possession would stay on Azerbaijan.

Şahdeniz oils will be processed for 99 years by companies of Rokofeller such as Aramco, reserves will exhaust, and the property of empty barrels would stay on Azerbaijan.

Boron reserves will exhaust upon procession. And the state will own the adits, what will it be useful for?

The games being played on boron must certainly be prevented on behalf of the state. We must protect our boron.

Even the mines would close without ever being processed, the boron mines would take the second place as strategic resource after nuclear minerals such as uranium in the future.

60 years later the boron resource on other countries will exhaust and Turkey will be the world authority.

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