Thousands of anti-capitalist protesters march in London
The 'Million mask march' was organised by the activist group Anonymous against the British government’s austerity measures.

Thousands of protesters wearing Guy Fawkes masks took to the streets in London Wednesday night to protest against the British government’s austerity measures.

The demonstration was part of the "Million mask march” organized by the activist group Anonymous. It began at the Trafalgar Square after which protesters made their way to the parliament, where some groups broke off to head towards the Buckingham Palace.

Police and protesters faced off at some points in the demonstrations. Fireworks were thrown at the police and as protestors marched around London, some of them tipped over bins and also blocked the roads.

Some protesters also rallied outside the BBC building and chanted "BBC shame on you for turning blue,” in reference to the colors of David Cameron’s Conservative Party.

According to the BBC their building went into "lock down.”

Others chanted "One solution, revolution.”

Anonymous said the protests were against the government’s austerity measures and what it called lack of freedom.

"I’ve come here to say that another way is possible, this is not democracy. It’s not a democracy when the politicians represent the interest of the one percent,” James from London said.

Jennifer, also from London, told Anadolu Agency she was there to show solidarity with those facing austerity measures.

"I want our voices to be heard, and to let them know that these are our streets,” she said.

Police said they made six arrests.

Guy Fawkes was an English Catholic who made an attempt to assassinate King James I by blowing up the parliament. The plot was called the gunpowder plot and is commemorated on November 5.

The Guy Fawkes mask became popular after the Hollywood film V for Vendetta.

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