Thousands gather in Greece to support anti-austerity efforts
Ahead of Monday's critical euro zone finance ministers meeting, Greek citizens come together in capital to send the message 'Let Greece breathe.'

Just a few hours ahead of the critical Euro group meeting on Monday, thousands gathered in the Greek capital Sunday in solidarity with the Greek government’s battle to renegotiate its debt with its European creditors.

More than twenty thousand people gathered in front of the House of Parliament and the surrounding area, following the similar large-scale demonstrations on February 11 and 5.

The organizers of the rally called on all Greeks to put aside their political differences and join the rally by sending the following message via social networks:

"While the Greek delegation negotiates in Brussels for the settlement of the Greek debt, the image of Syntagma Square in Athens and the White Tower Square in Thessaloniki packed with people may be their most powerful bargaining chip. The economic indexes and statistics must come second to the Greek people’s demand for independence, democracy, justice and dignity, the self-evident principles on which the European Union is supposedly based.”

Banners with slogans "Stop Austerity, Support Greece, Change Europe” were held up high, as well as anti-austerity banners that encouraged the Greek government saying, "Not a step back.”

The demonstrations which were organized via social networks mobilized masses all across Greece. The call to "Let Greece breathe” has also reached European cities as well as Australia and Brazil with citizens taking to the streets in solidarity to Greece’s fight and to join their common cause to end austerity.

Eurozone finance ministers will be meeting on Monday in Brussels in a bid to craft an agreement with Greece.

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