The Peace(!) between Palestine and Israil

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Abdulvahap Filiz
When I see this writing on the newspaper in internet, I couldn’t believe my eyes. Because; " Israil will take part in the conference on the Middle East in Moscow If representatives of Hamas are not invited, or, If Hamas isn’t there, Israil President Shimon Peres said. What means? I think you also try to understand this sentence , like me.

Israil has started to feel itself as a special nation in the world. Now a days, It is living in a world of its own. And Peres went on ; " Why not? I am all for this initiative, but only in acceptable framework, that is, without Hamas or other terrorist organizations. We will be happy to take part in such an event,” There is a confusion in his conversations. Because, Hamas isn’t a terrorist organization, like others. A nation or a country or a government will assault your country, and you will make a stand against them. After that, your name will be a terrorist group or organization.

The terrorist organization in the world is different and Hamas is much more different than them. First of all,we have to believe this situation. If Peres sees Hamas as a terrorist group. We can’t speak to the peace. Israil doesn’t want any peace in the Middle East. Why? You can ask for this question to me. The president of Israil, Peres said; " I doubt very much that the organizers, knowing our position and knowing that we will not come in this case ( the participation of Hamas ), take such a step. I am confident that our demands will be met.”

Peres gave this interview to İnterfax before he went to Russia. Nowadays Russian’ s politics is trying to open into the Middle East. So, The Russian Government have to get on Arab countries’ good side. Last days China has just entered to make business with Arab countries, like Russia. Because of these two big countries are interested in the countries are around Israil. And Israil will not happy in this case. At the same time; Peres said; "Speaking about the role of Russia in the Middle East peace process. "It does not bother me at all that Russia favors some Arab countries and our neighbors. We want to favor them too. We are not making it a prerequisite that friendship with Israil is only possible if there is no cooperation with the Arab world. On the contrary, we are for friendly and peaceful relations with Arab countries, " he said.

Of course , we never believe this situation that, Israil can speak to this subject to the world public opinion. But all of the world knows Israil which will make use of its plans underhand. Everyone wants peace, but it is a very long process. Until this time, many times , there has been a given time to Israil to solve those problems that can be solved at a given moment. This issue was one of the central issues addressed in many meeting with Mahmoud Abbas (leader and president of the Palestinian National Authority). And Israil has held many meetings in favor of the peace initiative as such until now. Besides, It appears such as in support of the peace process and is trying to discuss with the leaders of other countries what precisely this peace process should look like. And now, Israil is still waiting for Mahmoud Abbas who will soon restart the peace talks again. Because It wants it everytime.

If the Israil wants to make an opportunity the peace negotiation between Israil and Palestine. It has to accept with Hamas in support of a peace negotiation process. First of all, If peres accept Hamas as a terrorist organization, the peace will not be in Middle East. Israil wants the confusion in the Middle East. Because ; "A person who’s up to no good loves a chaotic situation”. So, Israil can take up arms. I hope you understand what means.

Israil can wants a coalition of leaders and countries promoting peace initiatives, a so-called coalition for peace is now being formed in the world. This coalition never solves this issue. Because, they are not feeling the matter of the regional people.Because of they did not accept to hold a meeting with Hamas. The regional people(Palestine) and Islamic countries doubt thess peace negotiations. Israil insists upon that Hamas is a terrorist group. It has to renounce its claim after this.

Turkey plays a key role in these peace processes between Palistine and Israil. Turkey can solve this problem easily If Israil wants a real peace in its region. Because of Turkey’s history and Turkey has special weight in global issue such as Syria, Afghanistan,Pakistan and Iraq …etc. It can make it easily in response to others countries or a coalition. Today’s Turkish administration is very positive and responsible about the negotiations on these matters at all levels. Palestine and Israil can have productive dialoque related to the peace process and negotiations with Turkey’s supporting.

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