The New U.S Policy on Sudan

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Abdulvahap Filiz

First of all, The U.S or Israel are the same things. My readers have to know this situation. As what? It appears that Sudan has become an unlikely foreign policy priority for the Obama administration. Because, now a days, As ıt publicized roll out of the new U.S policy on Sudan made clear. Besides, the internal tension hidden within President Barack Obama’s newly formulated Sudan policy is that Darfur is no longer the main attraction. Moreover, It is not even close. Because of the new U.S policy has a lot of things to do in recent times. As Afghanistan, Iraq and the issues between Palestine and Israil. So, American Obama’s administraton never takes an interest in these regions. But The new U.S Policy have to be interested in Sudan.

As you know, there are a lot of Israeli politics lobbies in the United States. These Israeli Lobbies conduct all American administrations. Normly you can think The U.S tries to solve some issues in Sudan or Africa. In real, It was given a command by the Israeli Lobbies to put the region in order. While the U.S government was getting interested in the Middle East and Afghanistan, Israil Foreign Ministry was strolling around the Sudan and five african countries around the Nile. Why? What was the Israil foreign Ministry doing there. Where were the some african terrorist groups buying their arms. After Israil Foreign Ministry came back to his country. In Africa, unusual events has just started. This is an important subject. We will research it later. To be sure, the Darfur conflict is not yet resolved. And millions of Darfur is remain in refugee camps across the border in Chad and the Central African Republic.

As I told you above, Israil foreign Ministry visited five countries around the Nile in Africa. Actually, from last time to now there hasn’t been anything change in their plans. This plan started many years ago. It is still going on now as well. On the increase of Intensity of the Other countries except for Israil and America in Sudan. China is carrying on its plans in Sudan in spite of Israel and The U.S. Because of this situation, both of these two countries dont like others. Sudan has some underground productiveness and after the government of the Sudan awarded its underground productiveness to some Chinese and Malaysian businessmen to treat just to spite of Israel and the U.S politics. So, Barack Obama’s administration has announced that Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir is a bad man accordng to their politics. If perchance, Omar al-Bashir gave these awards to Westerner businessmen, he would be the best man in the World. Who is Mr.Omar al-Bashir, first of all, we have to know this to solve unusual events about Sudanese President in developing world. Sudanese President Omar al-Bashir came to power in an Islamist-backed coup in 1989. Since then he has introduced elements of Sharia law which are opposed by the mainly Christian and animist rebels in the South. Why is happening these events only in the South. Because, at one time, between 1960 and 1965, Many Christian missionaries were used in Sudan to change the south sudanese religion by Israel lobbies. These lobbies financed their carryings out together with Money which was taken the northerner muslims. Beforehand, in South Sudan, all of the people almost are muslims. these people were changed their religions by christian missionaries which were sent by Israel lobbies in the United Kingdom and the U.S. In these days, these people who were changed their religions are ready to use opposite place or the north Sudan. I think my readers understand unusual events between the South and the North Sudan. His career has been marked as much by the civil war with the forces of rebel leader John Garang, as by his power struggle with Hassan al-Turabi, a prominent Sunni Muslim. Bashir was born in january 1944 in a village in northern Sudan, General Bashir joined the Sudanese armed forces in 1960. He graduated from the Sudan Military Academy in Khartoum in 1966. He served at the front with Egyptian armed forces during the October 1973 Arab-Israeli war. His other military posts included military attaché in the United Arab Emirates(1975-79), garrison commender (1979-81) and head of the armoured parachute brigade in Khartoum (1981-87). From 1989 to 1993 he was also Sudanese minister of defence.

As you see, when Mr. Bashir decided to carry out Islamic rules in his country. Mentality of the West administrations never give permission. If you decided to struggle this mentality of the West, you must know that you would be the worst man in the World. The West or Isreal never want to hear Islamic sound on the ground. So, when they heard an islamic voice, they started to crush that movement immediately. All of the muslims people have to know this before he decided to serve Islamic religion.

A message from the Islamic Prophet : "Allah is pleased with the work of those among you who work in an appropriate manner.”


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