The Missionaries and Moslems

Sun 09, December 2012 Kategori Columnist

Abdulvahap Filiz

Everybody knows the incident that is rumoured from the famous Missionary Zwemer, on this issue. In one of the congresses that was being hold for taking stock of what the committees that are sent to North Africa and Middle Eastern region did for the cristianity propaganda, one of the congress delegates stood out against Zwemer as if he had failed because he was the responsible of Missionary Organisation. His claim was that; despite all the money wasted and all those studies, no one converted into Christianity and failed to turn out of their Islamic beliefs. Zwemer responded as follows. This answer is our main purpose for telling this incident.

"Our goal is not to make Moslems Christians. We are not strong enough to achieve this though. But to draw them away from Islam. It is enough for us even though they don’t convert into our religion. It may be written Moslem on a Moslem’s identity card from his birth to his death, nevertheless he must lay on the bench in front of the mosque, having lived just like a Christian. No matter if he didn’t come to church, let him go to the mosque. But we must make a Moslem live like a Christian throughout his life. Besides no Christian or missionary can make a real Moslem, Christian.”

When it was initialised for getting the English out of Egypt, Martyr professor Seyyid Kutup was asked a question.—Thanks to Allah, English colonists will be send out of Egypt. And that will provide the opportunity for making Islamic studies independently and effectively. As response he said: —" Agreements signed to send out Red Englishes. Their danger is limited. What is important for us is to get the << Black English>> out of Egypt.”

If Islam was a religion that retards his followers from advancing and developing, the west would never be occupied with it. They wouldn’t be so much against Islam. The problem; no matter what you do, Islam takes him to top when it gets hold of a "Man”. In other words, it wakes up "people”. People must continue to sleep in order to keep those western and "Unreasonable” systems going their dictates. You see, everything that wakes people, poses danger for them. What comes first of those dangers is Islam and its followers; Moslems. It became dangerous even to be friends with a Moslem, moreover one can get stabbed if he says he is a Moslem in that so called cradle of democracy; United States. It is enough to say that you are a Moslem.

For sure, they have no objections for me or for you to be Moslem. But only if you are a kind of Moslem they want. Like a plucked bird… What must be done to become a Moslem as they wanted. This is to say, in order to maintain the reign, colonialisms which belong to those "Powers” on the world and especially on Islamic states… Monotype people must be raised. Like what… Identity Moslem, Country Islamic State, model Moslem but all his life is Western … Ah… By the way, that person must feel himself as an intense Moslem and independent.

The missionaries play the leading role for raising those so called generations. Rectors and professors grown by them, having known that everything must be done in order not to lick people into shape from the primary school to University. Before, our engineers could compete with those of Europe and the States. Before, our lessons on high school were alike university lessons. Now the made a human type graduated from university, unenlightened, applauding everything no matter if it is good or bad. Avoiding responsibility, based on the fear, missing the love and respect, especially blind to his religion, and losing everything he has because of not taking its morality yet remembering it just on the way of grave… This is not my way of belief.

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