Syrian issue is of interest to all Turkish people
Chairman of SNC said change in Syria would have a great impact on Turkey.


Chairman of the Syrian National Council (SNC), Abdulbasit Seyda stated Syrian issue was not of interest only for the Turkish government but the whole Turkish population.
Speaking to reporters in Istanbul prior to the inauguration of a photo exhibition on Syrian orphans, Seyda underlined that the change in Syria would have a great impact on Turkey.
"Everyone must be aware of such an impact," Seyda noted.
Most importantly, the opposition in Turkey should not shift the Syrian issue onto other platforms, Seyda also said.

Revolution is not only about weapons

Dr. Mustafa al-Haj Hamid who is a member of SNC and Chairman of the Hayirda Solidarity Association also spoke to AA.

Hamid said that Syrian School opened in Istanbul was crucial for the Syrian revolution.

''Facilitating education for Syrian children away from their schools in Syria is an important step," Hamid noted.

Touching on the SNC's meeting to be held in Qatar in the next few days, Hamid underlined that the Council will make a deep rooted change necessary within.

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