Syria's chemical arsenal threat
Turkish President Abdullah Gul warned the Syrian regime's Soviet-era chemical weapons posed a threat.


"There are unfortunately chemical weapons in Syria and missiles to launch them. Turkey has been a member of the alliance since 1952 and NATO's defense concept is holistic and inseparable. With all these in mind, there can always be contingency planning in a NATO country neighboring Syria," Gul told reporters in response to a question over media reports that Turkey would ask NATO to deploy Patriot missiles along its border with Syria.

Gul appeared in a joint press conference with Chilean President Sebastian Pinera, who pays a visit in the Turkish capital, Ankara.

Earlier on Monday,German Defense Minister Thomas de Maiziere had said he expected Turkey to place a formal request today to NATO for Patriot missiles along its southern border.

During the Iraq wars of 1991 and 2003, NATO deployed Patriot missiles but they were never used.

The United States, Germany and The Netherlands are the only NATO members to have Patriot missiles in their arsenals.

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