Russia, Iran, Azerbaijan discuss closer ties
Leaders of Russia, Iran and Azerbaijan gathered in Baku on Monday to discuss closer economic ties, including international energy and transport corridors in the Caspian Sea region.

"Today, of course we are starting off with a clean slate in our relations with this trilateral meeting,” Russian President Vladimir Putin said after meeting his Iranian counterpart Hassan Rouhani and Azeribaijani President Ilham Aliyev.

"This is a historic day...Our meeting will contribute to the economic development of our countries,” Aliyev told a news conference after the trilateral meeting. "We can realize joint investment projects.”

The three leaders also signed a declaration on security issues and fighting against terrorism.

Aliyev warned there is a growing risk of global terrorism and that all countries should join efforts to fight it.

The Azerbaijani president said Karabakh conflict with Armenia has violated his country’s territorial integrity for many years, adding that 20 percent of Azerbaijani land is under occupation.

Armenian militia have occupied Azerbaijan’s Karabakh region since 1993, similar to how pro-Russian militia have illegally occupied parts of Ukraine since 2014.

"Over a million Azerbaijanis are suffering from this occupation,” Aliyev said.

Meanwhile, Rouhani said his country supports any initiatives that aim to boost cooperation with neighboring countries, adding that enlargement of ties is "Iran’s top priority”.

Putin further said Azerbaijan and Iran are good neighbors and important partners of Russia.

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